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Zamal is an exotic african Landrace sativa from Reunion Island, close to Madagascar, famous for its extreme vigor and legendary psychedelic effect. An excellent Zamal mother selected for its trippy effect, fast flowering and remarkable sweet carrot and floral fragrances, was pollinated by the powerful Golden Tiger in order to create Zamaldelica, a super sativa hybrid with strong uplifting and lysergic effect and amazing vigorous growth. Zamaldelica is receiving an excellent reception among sativa lovers from all around the world. Its outstanding potency, very high THC content and the quality of its effect have no parallel in recent sativa breeding.




Strain Name Zamaldelica
Strain Type Sativa
Genetics Zamal x Malawi x Thai
Harvest 13 – 14 Weeks
Yield 450 Grams
THC Level 25%
CBD Level 
Smell Sweet carrot, mango, orange, flowers and resins.
Look Extremely bushy sativa of medium height.
Rating *****


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