Wailing Valley

Wailing Valley

Wailing Valley is situated 7 kms east of the Malana village, located in Malana Valley (Himachal Pradesh, India). The 7 Kms upward hike is steep and causes a sudden change in altitude from roughly 2400 meters to 3000+ mtrs. This valley being only used for cultivation of hash plants remains shut for visitors and only a handful of families in the village actually own land in Wailing Valley. Plants in Wailing Valley show a considerable difference in smell, size and form. The plants tend to ripe a bit faster compared to other valleys and can have extremely vivid terpenes like ripe mango, cherries, wine, pine, body odour, floral, nepathelene and incense being some of them. The buds are usually bigger and have better resin coverage in contrast with the plants from the village and from lower altitude valleys.




Strain Name Wailing Valley
Strain Type Sativa
Genetics Landrace
Harvest 10 – 11 Weeks
Yield 400 Grams
THC Level 17%
CBD Level 
Smell Ripe mango, cherries, wine, pine, body odour, floral,
Look Classic north indian highland pure sativa structure.
Rating *****


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