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Mrs. Banner

Mrs. Banner

It all started with an Idea a few years back, Create a kush line that represents The complete wheel of fruit flavors. For our Strawberry Kush we carefully started searching for a fast flowering and an actual Strawberry flavored bouquet.
After a long and diligent search for the most berry like plant in existence we carefully settled with an incredible White Strawberry Skunk. Thus the result The Aficionado’s have created Mrs. Banner, (White Strawberry Skunk X Hindu Kush Male) to create a Strawberry kush with a dank fruit bouquet with a 55-65 day finish.





Strain Name Mrs. Banner
Strain Type Hybrid
Genetics White Strawberry Skunk x Hindu Kush
Harvest 65 Days
Yield 450 Grams
THC Level 25%
CBD Level 
Smell Dank fruit
Rating ****


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