Huckleberry Pie

Huckleberry Pie

This limited edition hybrid was created using the elite clone only Purple Urkle of Pacific Northwest fame. We crossed it with Alphakronik, the stinkiest cannabis hybrid Alphakronik Genetics has ever created making Huckleberry Pie the most robust, funky berry flavored hybrid Alphakronik Genetics has released. High concentrations of both terpenes and thiols makes this one of the most odorous plants available on the market, with heavy berry and lavender notes penetrated by putrid gas, garlic, and Chem notes. Heavy odors are met with equally thick and heavy flavors, with one puff of this one lasting a good 3-5 minutes on the palette. Perfect for ice water and dry sift extraction.




Strain Name Huckleberry Pie
Strain Type Hybrid
Genetics Purple Urkle x Alphakronik
Harvest 60 Days
Yield 400 Grams
THC Level 
CBD Level 
Smell Berry and lavender with putrid gas, garlic
Rating *



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