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By pollinating the Old Malawi Killer with a refined F5 fruity and incensey Tikal, we have recreated Guawi: a pure sativa F1 hybrid of great vigor, yield and very high potency, which combines great african and american sativa genetics.

Tikal (with 75% Guatemala sativa genetics) gives the Malawi a more compact structure and a shorter flowering time, considerably improving the African aromas and flavors of the original Malawi with its highly refined terpene profile of mango, peach and strawberry bubble gum.




Strain Name Guawi
Strain Type Hybrid
Genetics Malawi Killer x Tikal
Harvest 11 – 12 Weeks
Yield 500 Grams
THC Level 21%
CBD Level .02%
Smell Spicy, woody, fruity mango, peach, strawberry 
Rating ***


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