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Bubba Hash

Bubba Hash


Solid and powerful cross between 2 famous afghan indicas: the modern Bubba Kush and the HashPlant from the 90s. Bubba Hash clearly enhances the vigor, yield, potency and quality of the original Bubba Kush, always offering outstanding afghani phenotypes. This hashplant hybrid produces relaxing, very dense and tasty flowers, full of resins, with high medicinal value. Highly recommended for indoor growing due its main big cola columnar structure that allows to grow many plants in small spaces and in a short time. We guarantee this plant will please all hashplant lovers. Excellent choice to make afghan hash.




Strain Name Bubba Hash
Strain Type Indica
Genetics Bubba Kush x Hash Plant
Harvest 8 – 9 Weeks
Yield 500 Grams
THC Level 18%
CBD Level 
Smell Mainly hash, coffee and wet soil
Look Main big cola, huge leaves
Rating ****


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