Alphadawg offers growers the chance to grow a cross that exceeds all expectations of what quality medical grade cannabis should be. By mixing together the infamous Chemdawg D cut and their Snowdawg male, AKG have created flavors and yields previously unheard of in the original Chemdawg line. The Chemdawg D cut is known the world over as one of the strongest medicinal cannabis varieties available, famous for having a super strong skunk/fuel smell and no ceiling. While the Snowdawg is known for its trichome production/coverage and intensity of sweet flavors. By mixing the two hybrids, AKG created a new variety that brings the best of both parents into seed, together for the first time.




Strain Name Alphadawg
Strain Type Hybrid
Genetics Chemdawg D X Snowdawg
Harvest 75 Days
Yield 400 Grams
THC Level 15%
CBD Level 
Rating **


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