Looking for medically relevant cannabinoid content, potency, heavy trichome blankets and productive yields? Call the Ambulance! We’ve worked our Bio-Diesel male with the CBD and THC rich Z7 from the CBD Crew to bring you easy to grow CBD rich plants that also contain high levels of THC.

The Z7 selection made by founder/breeder Eric (BudPatch) in 2012 has stood the test of time. Our Z7 selection is now available in many of the best dispensaries in Colorado and has proven to be a valuable asset in the world of multi-cannabinoid flower and concentrate production. We’ve taken the Z7’s propensity to add CBD content to her offspring and the Bio-Diesel’s unstoppable THC fueled dominance and combined the two into a unique, high yielding cannabis genetic. One of our most highly recommended strains!




Strain Name Ambulance
Strain Type Hybrid
Genetics Z7 x Bio-Diesel
Harvest 9 – 10 Weeks
THC Level 18%
CBD Level 12%
Rating ****


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